pipping bags

The traditional pastry bags:

• Are dangerous for the health of your customers if are not properly cleaned.
• Are difficult to use because they require cleaning & disinfection in any change in the filling or after a few hours of use.
• Are banned in hospitals of England because of the high risk of infection of the patients with salmonella (from eggs).
• If are cleaned as required by law, the labour costs for cleaning exceeds the cost of disposable bags.

Therefore in recent years cornet disposable bags have gained significant market shares which in fact are expected to increase over time. The main advantages are:

• They have the same strength / resistance with the traditional bags
• It is more economical and more secure.
• The bags do not slip from the hands of the user due to its special technology that is used to make the outer part of the bag.
• You can close it with a simple heat-sealer and use it as packaging for semi-liquid materials such as jams – cream - fluid cheese etc. - reducing the preparation time in workshops.
• Are certified by EU
• Are internally sterile
• Available in 4 sizes & 6 different colors - prompt transparent and blue.
• Are certified by EU legislation concerning plastic in contact with food
• Can be used in the oven (up to 110 C) - a microwave oven - freezer (up to -30 C)

Professions where applicable
A. Hotels – Bakery – Pastry – Hospitals - Catering
B. Workshops & crafts for puffs – confectionery - baker for cheese pie filling.
C. Aircraft supplies.
D. Supermarkets that have their own workshops for bread-pastry

We also offer a special case (dispenser)

PREPAC S.A.  provides the following dimensions with their respective capacities:

MEDIUM 455mm 1-1,5 LITERS
LARGE 535mm 2-2,1 LITERS

Ние сме сериозно заинтересовани да установим търговски отношения с български фирми.

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