transparent plastic cups

PET cups

PREPAC SA provides and promotes in the Greek and European market PET (polyester) cups produced by MAKPAK S.A. We provide two sizes of cups, specifically 400ml and 500ml, and both sizes share the same lid with diameter 95mm. The lid is circular (with a hole or a cross) and since September 2009 we can provide PET lids straight with a cross. The PET cups can be printed with up to four (4) colors with minimum order quantity of 15,000 pieces.

The recent years, transparent disposable cups have earned the trust of large brands and their penetration in the catering area is now more than obvious. Apart from coffee, they are used for juices where they allow the user to view the consumed product, but gradually acquire shares even in serving alcohol drinks especially during the summer months.

The style of the store as well as the courage and determination of the owner / businessman usually determine whether to use the super-transparent resistant PET cup or semi-transparent and less resistant (but more economic) PP.

Apart from the PET cups produced in MACPAC, PREPAC SA has other sizes of PET cups which are imported and PP cups from small sizes for water (Type 503) and even larger up to 500ml (type 504-505 “beer”).




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