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PET cups                                      Paper cups                             Styrofoam cups

For PREPAC S.A. disposable cups are very important in recent years as in addition to their leading position in the Greek market in this product category, they have marked the beginning of the involvement of PREPAC S.A. in the production process through the subsidiary company MACPAC SA which started its operations in 2002 by producing cups by expanded polystyrene (Styrofoam).

The next investments of MACPAC S.A., it is well-known, that have to do with this category of products, as in January of 2006 began production of polystyrene plastic lids suitable for paper and Styrofoam cups, and in March 2007 began the production of plastic PET cups and circular lids.

In addition to the disposable cups produced by MACPAC SA, PREPAC S.A. provides a full range of disposable cups that cover all the needs of the market.

In particular, disposable cups are divided into the following three main categories:

1. Expanded polystyrene cups
2. Paper cups
3. Transparent plastic cups

Each of these categories offers specific advantages which are discussed in the specific pages below dedicated for each one.

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