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Upgraded delivery package (take away)

For two decades, the aluminum utensil is the leader in catering as a mean to transport food package. As packaging material is not appropriate for the proper presentation of food, and most often the packet arrives at a deformed state at the final consumer giving a bad image for both the product and the company that provides it.

Many restaurants and catering units still insist on the use of aluminum because there was no alternative material offered in a large variety of sizes and capacities.

After two years of research and multiple tests we present you a full range of plastic utensils suitable for microwave oven with more than 100 different codes. For a detailed product list, click HERE


It is commonly accepted that, in recent years the food market in a “package” has a remarkable growth. Consequently, many food businesses provide food delivery of food in a package while there are businesses that take action only in the field of “take-away – delivery”.

At the same time, the increasing competition has increased the need for the best food quality and also the right packaging and presentation. The businessmen in this sector have realized the great importance of the state of the food when it comes to the client while the previous years the only worry was the “proper” package when the package was leaving from the store.

For example, concepts such as the package stress during transport, the image of the product when it reaches the final consumer as well as the temperature of food have begun to concern a conscious businessman who understands the developments as a challenge and as an invitation for improvements in the industry and not a threat.

After studies made by the PREPAC SA company associates in a sample of final consumers found the following stunning fact: The state / image of the package and in addition, of the product are as important as the taste of food. It may be concluded that for the consumer, the product quality is perfectly compatible with its packaging.

We present the advantages of our utensils, as well as some indicative suggestions for use.


• It is fully watertight during transport, even for soup.
• Are better looking because of the transparent cap.
• The food can be reheated in a microwave oven and an electric oven up to 100 degrees.
• Perfectly suitable for food and safe for the consumer (not containing heavy metals, aluminum and do not smell when there is lemon in them). It is also made from virgin materials rather than recycled.
• Can be stacked without the removing the cap, and you can stack 4 utensils on top of each other.
• Is it possible to make portions or preparation (for all capacities).
• Reduce time for closing the utensils and reduce storage space as some can use the same cap.
• Ability to print on the cap and color the utensil.
• Easy transfer at home or at work by the consumer (all companies now have a microwave).
• Suitable for freezing up to -18 degrees.
• Keep food warm.
• Can be re-used by the housewife as TUPPER
• Less wastage both at delivery to the customer as well as during transport, as they aren’t deformed in case of “abuse” of the packages from the carriers.


There are several categories of restaurants and below we present you some suggestions for use depending on the food provided.


The series MS500 up to MS1000 is ideal for this category as there is a need for a simple and functional package.

MS500A-MS650A: Boiled vegetables, green-stuff and garnish rice.
MS650A: Oily (okra, peas, briam) without meat.
MS750A: Oily with meat - cooked (pork with celery, chicken with potato-chicken with okra).
MS1000A: Pasta with meat (rooster pasta), moussaka.
MS900A or MS850BS: fish, steak (various grilled)
MS 1200A: Steak or grilled with garnish
MS 1100: Soup, bean soup, lentils and salads
MS1200: Salads (rustic, cabbage, lettuce).
SQ 250: Tzatziki, Cheese Salad.

We can also recommend the whole SQ series for sweets (pecan pie, yogurt with honey).


MS 650A: All the main dishes especially those with sauces (e.g. sweet and sour), fried rice, noodles (chow mein).
MS 16 or MS W5: Soups, steam rice.
MS 1200TS: Peking Duck with pies
MS 1200A: A variety of appetizers.
MS 4: Side sauces (soy sauce, sweet and sour).


MS 500A: Trimmings (rice, boiled vegetables)
MS 850 BS: Grilled meat - fish
MS 1000BS: Pasta (except spaghetti in the oven- here we suggest a series of CPET material for baking in an electric oven).
MS 1200: Salads
MS 1200A: grilled with trimming (meatballs with rice).
MS 1200TS: grilled with 2 trimmings (rice, vegetables).
MS 2: Grated cheese
MS 3 or MS4: salad dressings.
MS SQ250-350-450-550: For desserts, salads, as potato salads, Russian salad, and some appetizers (mushrooms a la crème).

D. Hamburger - FAST FOOD

MS1200: Salads - Pasta
MS 1200D or MS1200A: Hamburger with fries.
MS 900A: Various appetizers
MS 3 or MS P200: Sauces (BBQ, Roquefort cheese, ketchup, mustard).
MS SQ350 or SQ450: Sweets.

Finally, it is possible to print up to 2 colors on the lids and color the lid or the utensils with a minimum order of 30 packages and with additional fee. Delivery time for printing is approximately 60 days from the date of signing the pattern. The additional fee for patterns and clichés, and the settlement for the payment are provided after reaching an agreement.

Delivery time of codes that are not available is approximately 30 days. For new codes is necessary to have a monthly prevision of consumption.

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