polyolefin shrink film

PREPAC SA is the exclusive representative of the French firm Bollore, one of the largest producers of polyolefin shrink films in the world.
The polyolefin is provided in various types depending on the application and there is available a stock in various sizes and thicknesses. The delivery of materials is immediate (within two days from your date order) in your company.


Type BE: is the basic polyolefin type for general use. Available in rolls always centre-folded (double film). It can be applied along the range of shrinkage packaging with very good results. Its main feature is that everything is available pre-perforated, which is particularly useful for manual (bell type) and semi-automatic machines where the perforation systems are not very reliable. Technical specifications
 Type BX: has the same characteristics as type BE and is only available in single-sheet (flat film). Used in automatic machines.
 Type BY: the best shrink film based on the final result of shrinkage. It has 70% shrinkage rate and is suitable for applications where the final appearance of the product is a primary objective. Available in single-sheet or folded and has excellent behaviour throughout the range of shrinkage machines. Technical specifications      


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