shrink film

PREPAC S.A.  is one of the largest import companies in shrink films.
We provide polyolefin shrink films of the French firm Bollore and PVC shrink films of the Italian firm Moel s.r.l.

 The films are available in various widths and thicknesses depending on the size of the product. There is a constant stock in all sizes and thicknesses.

Our experienced sales department can suggest the appropriate type of film you should use for your applications. The ten-year know-how is an ally to achieve the best results in your product.

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Anglais Définition-Exemple
AEROSOL Insecticide
TRAY-CURVED Product placed in a tray, which is fimed directly : ex: minced meat
(OIL)DRUM Ex: Lubricant

METAL BOX - TIN Any type of metal box: Ex: biscuits
BOX-SIMPLE-LIGHT Packaging other than metal, simple shape: rectangular, not too big. Ex: jigsaw-puzzle boxes
BOX-SIMPLE-HEAVY Packaging other than metal
BOX-IRREGULAR SHAPED-LIGHT Packaging other than metal: ex: heart-shaped chocolate boxes
BOX-IRREGULAR SHAPED-HEAVY Packaging other than metal: Ex: Case for whiskey bottles


MULTIPACK-SIMPLE-LIGHT Products assembled without tray-support: Ex: pack of 2 CD's, several magazines, 2 packs of biscuits
MULTIPACK-SIMPLE-HEAVY Products assembled without tray-support: Ex: books
MULTIPACK-IRREGULAR SHAPED-LIGHT Assembled products of different shapes: pack of 3 peppers
MULTIPACK-IRREGULAR SHAPED-HEAVY Assembled products of different shapes: Ex: pack of detergent with gadget attached on the side, bottle with gadget

LONG GOODS Ex: shelves, Skis
BASKET Products held together in a basket (plastic, natural fibers). Ex: laundry pins
BUNDLE Packs of enveloppes, recipe cards, tickets
TRAY-FLAT Flat-shaped tray without lid: Ex: egg-tray, tray to hold jam-jars, chicken

UNIT-SIMPLE Primary packaging. Ex: CD-DVD, cutting-boards
UNIT-IRREGULAR SHAPED Primary packaging on irregular shaped product: vegetables, french bread, cake

ROLL Ex: Giftwrap paper, paper tablecloth

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