carton box sealing


Type : GEM 520. See the video file

- The machine is semi-automatic and functions by an operator
- The machine closes “American type” boxes at the upper side as well as at the bottom side. The changes of the dimensions are made easily by specialised workers.
- The closing of the cartons is made by packaging tape  
- Tape width: 50mm
- Stands: Steady or with wheels
- Dimensions of the boxes: Length: unlimited
- Width: up to 520mm
- Height: up to 520mm
- Speed: 22 metres/min
- Power Supply: 3 phases with IP 54
- Power: 0,25 KW
- Dimensions: 1170 X 895MM
- Working height: 650mm
- Weight: 144 kilos

The above offered solution for the sealing of cartons is the simpler form of automation for the closing operation of the cartons.
Also the following possibilities are available:
- Automatic seamer with auto-adjusting dimensions
- Automatic seamer with auto-adjusting dimensions and side closing
- Manual change of dimensions and automatic side closing
- Various automatic and semi-automatic types for the rectification of cartons
- Complete super-automatic solution that combines the above for the final steering by the minimum personnel.

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