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We offer three basic solutions for packaging trays with film printed or non-printed:
manual tray sealing machines

semi automatic tray sealing machines

automatic tray sealing machines

Printed film                                      Non-printed film

We also provide a wide range of trays PP, PP / EVOH / PP, PET and CPET

In semi-automatic and automatic packaging system there is the possibility for modified atmosphere packaging.



Modified Atmosphere Packaging
Why food decompose?

Because of the build up of bacteria
• At temperatures from 25 ° C up to 52 ° C, the bacteria reproduce every 11 minutes
• At 2 ° C the bacteria reproduce every 8 hours.
The bacteria feed on nutrients from food
There are two types of bacteria
• Aerobic that require oxygen to reproduce
• Anaerobic that require heat
How can we control the action of bacteria?

• The anaerobic can be controlled if we preserve the packaged food at temperatures between 2 ° C and 5 ° C.
• The aerobic can be controlled by replacing the oxygen in the air with a gas mixture inside the package (a protected atmosphere).
The traditional method for packaging in Stores / Supermarkets is vacuum.
Preservation of food due to lack of oxygen
The product is compressed so loses its fluids and dressings

What does the customer want?

• Preservation of food
• Good appearance
• Price
• Variety
Our solution

Products packaged in trays with film coating in a protected atmosphere
This solution allows the complete satisfaction of customer requirements in the following areas:

• Confidence in the product that is packed in front of the customer
• Avoiding the loss of liquid sauces at the cash or during transport.
• Sufficient preservation for the weekly personal consumption
• Lower price from the industrially packaged products
• Variety in the creation of appropriate portions for each family

What does the professional want?
• Extension of lifetime of the product up to 9-10 days
• Better product presentation by the vacuum-packed bags with a guaranteed seal, safety, hygiene
• Increase in sales due to the fact that is given to the customer the impression of a fresh and qualitative product which is packed in front of him
• Possibility of selling private product label, entering into direct competition with big labels which are packaged in MAP, which has a competitive advantage in production costs
• Ability to create a stock of ready-made products for days with larger demand
• Significant increase in productivity at the fresh food section because of the increased sales and the efficiency of staff
• Reduction of waste products to zero.
All this along with the typical advantages of packaging "TAKE AWAY"

The experience from the Italian Supermarkets which have adopted the above packaging method showed:
1. Increased sales by 27% up to 33%
In comparison with the traditional sale of take away food
2. Reduction of sales of industrial packaged products by 8% to 10%.

Results per sector

• Smoked meats:
The tests were performed in smoked meat products (salami, Ham) which were packaged in a Supermarket and kept on the shelves for 9-10 days with no change in the color of the product during the first 5 days.


• Ready meals or ready for cooking
For such products (noodles, seafood salads, cooked vegetables, grilled meat), the tests showed that they can be kept on the shelf for 5-7 days, compared to the period of 2-3 days of other traditional packaging.
The full packaging pack

We can be useful for MAP packaging at the following products:
- Coating machines and MAP packaging
- Disks and barrier film

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