disposable gloves

The company PREPAC S.A offers a full range of disposable gloves as follows:

VINYL GLOVES with powder

Suggested for use in food production and processing because they are more comfortable for prolonged use than other disposable gloves. Allergies from the use of this material have not been reported. Available in all sizes (Small, Medium, Large, extra large) in white and blue. Especially for food industries, the blue color is essential, since this color is not found in any kind of food and therefore the glove can be easily distinguished.


The latex gloves are used when we want to do fine work where the glove should fit perfectly on the hand, almost like a second skin. Not for prolonged use as hand is sweating more than with the vinyl gloves. Allergies from this material have been reported. Available in all sizes (Small, Medium, and Large, extra large) in white and blue

Polyethylene plastic gloves

They are transparent and available only in one size (Large)

Nitrile made GLOVES

They have the fitting that is provided by latex, but with greater strength and durability. Does not contain latex. They are widely used in garages and generally where intense work is required. Available in all sizes.

“CLEAN HANDS” system

A revolutionary and very useful system, ideal for use by employees who need to do other jobs in addition to serving only customers, e.g. to give change, etc. The CLEAN HANDS system uses a similar glove to the simple plastic, but it has only three fingers. Accompanied by a special base and bracelet containing magnets. Place the bracelet inside the glove and by placing the glove on the base, we can easily and quickly remove our hand from the glove while it remains on the base.

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