machines For Wrapping Film

It is obvious that when a professional has significant consumption in packaging film (at least one roll / week), then the only way to increase productivity is to invest in a film wrapping machine.
PREPAC can provide a wide range of solutions, from full manual, up to the automatic wrapping machine for very large productions.

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Manual heat-sealing dispenser stretch film for food. Maximum width for the packaging roll 500 mm. Adjustable temperature for cutting and adhesion. Fully stainless steel for food packaging.



The device consists of:

The handling-programming console.
The product packaging system.
The holding mechanism of stretch film.
The cutting mechanism of stretch film.
Ergonomic design. Simple operation. Absolute protection of the user.
Packing Speed: Up to 12 packages / minute (720 per hour).
Unit meter for measuring production.
Disengagement system and rapid change of the film.
Self-test for damages- direct warning light - automatic shutdown.
Film (stretch or PVC): 400-500mm x 9mm x 1500m
Package dimensions: 130 x 90 x 10 up to 270 x 200 x 145 mm.
Machine Dimensions mm: 700 x 730 x 515 mm.



Complete weighing - packaging system with STRETCH FILM - label version.
Ability to pack hard or even fragile disc and naked product.
Simple to use.
It has a color screen 14''TFT LCD touch screen.
It has memory for 1200 species.
Takes up small space 0,8 m2.
Weighed capacity: 6 Kg with subdivision 1/2g.
Printing speed 140mm / s.
Packing Speed: 14 packages / minute (840 per hour).
Package dimensions: 80 - 350 (W) x 80 - 230 (L) x 10 -130 (H) mm.
Label Printer: Thermal width 80mm.
Label Size: From 40 - 80 (W) x 28 - 150 (H) mm.
Type of film: PVC & PE width 350 up to 500mm.
Thickness of film: 12micron.
PC connection via protocol TCP / IP.
External dimensions: 850 (W) x 935 (L) x 1390 (H) mm.
Outside covers INOX.


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