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Профил на компанията

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  Профил на компанията
    Изтегляне на каталози

    опаковъчни машини
      waste presses
      glue guns and adhesives
      carton box erection and sealing
        carton box sealing
        carton box erection
      robotic systems
      strapping machines
      packaging of magazines
        shrink wrap machines
          manual chamber L sealers
          semi automatic chamber L sealers with separate tunnel
          automatic L sealers
          automatic L sealers with continuous side seal
          open side sleeve machines
          sleeve packaging machines
        shrink film
          polyolefin shrink film
          PVC shrink film
      pallet wrapping
        pallet wrapping machines
          Semi-automatic machines with rotating disk
          Semi-automatic machines for direct entry of the pallet with the pallet carrier
          Robotic pallet wrapping machinery
        stretch film
      heat sealing dispensers
      packaging tapes
      Labeling Machine
    food packaging
      bag closing dispensers
      heat sealing dispensers
      vacuum packaging
        vacuum packaging machines
          table vacuum machines with one chamber
          single chamber vacuum machines
          double chamber vacuum machines
          Water Baths
        vacuum bags
      tray packaging
        automatic tray sealing machines
        semi automatic tray sealing machines
        manual tray sealing machines
      Vertical Packaging
      Horizontal Packaging (flow pack)
    опаковане на зеленчуци/плодове
      post harvest protection
        Application of Fungicides and Disinfectants
        Application of Fruit Coating Waxes
        Degreening / Rapid Maturation and Preservation
      chemicals for packaging and preservation
        Cold chain monitoring
        disinfectants and fungicides
        Chemical degreening and Rapid Maturation
        bags with modified atmosphere and modified humidity
        preservation chemicals
      sorting and electronic calibrators
        Crate and pallet dumpers
        Pre-sorting tables
        Washing Machines - Brushing Machines – Dryers
        Pre calibrators
        waxing machines
        electronic calibrators
        fruit inserts
        Box fillers
        weighing systems
        traceability systems
      weighing and packaging
        weighers and scales
        net packaging machines
          net clipping machines
        machine for placing the lid on the punnet
        machines for wrapping film
        heat sealers
        Machines for closing bundles
        Horizontal Packaging Machines (Flow Pack)
        Modified Atmosphere Systems
      materials for net packaging
          knitted nets
          extruded net
        clipping wire
          wine glass labels
          self adhesive labels
      printing and labelling systems
        label printers
          Thermal printers
          Ink-jet printers
        Ink ribbons
      Various packaging materials
        fruit punnets
          pp punnets
          pet punnets
          EPS trays
          PP trays
        lidding film for modified atmosphere packaging
        fruit inserts
        wrapping paper for fruit
        covers for cartons
        individual fruit labels
      carton box erection and pallet packaging
        machines for carton box erection
        hot melt glue guns
        hot melt adhesives
        strapping machines
          manual strapping dispensers
          semi automatic strapping machines
          automatic strapping machines
        edge protectors
        plastic strapping
        metal clips
        pallet wrapping machines
        pallet net
        stretch film
      Instruments for fruit quality control and environmental analysis
        size instruments
        temperature instruments
        relative humidity
        instruments for measuring pH
        instruments to measure pressure
        instruments that measure sugar
        gas concentration instruments
    консумативи за ХОРЕКА индустрията
      disposable cups
        transparent plastic cups
        foam cups
        paper cups
      lids for disposable cups
      microwavable food containers
      luxury dinnerware
      transparent packaging containers
        round containers
        containers with hinged or separate lid
        sandwich packaging
        cake packaging
        packaging for bakery products
        packaging for a whole chicken
      perforated bread bags
      plastic cutlery
      cup carriers
      refreshment wipes
      drinking straws
      wooden biodegradable products
      CPET trays
      ice cream packaging
      Various consumables
      cling film and aluminium foil
      pipping bags
    защитно облекло
      hats and caps
      forage and chef hats
      Aprons and visitor’s coats
      disposable gloves
        clean hands
        vinyl gloves
        latex gloves
      masks and covers
      difinfectant wipes and food thermometers
      kitchen gloves and butcher aprons
      Food sandals and boots
      first aid kits
      Special full-body suits Category III


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