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food packaging
опаковане на зеленчуци/плодове
консумативи за ХОРЕКА индустрията
disposable cups
lids for disposable cups
microwavable food containers
luxury dinnerware
transparent packaging containers
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cup carriers
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drinking straws
wooden biodegradable products
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ice cream packaging
Various consumables
cling film and aluminium foil
pipping bags
защитно облекло

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ice cream packaging

We have two types of packaging for ice cream:

Paper bowl for transporting ice cream

As in the case of drink cups, the transfer paper bowls of ice cream can have a very nice print and are available in quantities of one or two balls up to a kilo with a lid. As the only disadvantage we could mention the bad insulation provided by the paper packaging. General printing designs are available, while we can print the firm of the client.

Bowl for transporting ice cream made by expanded polystyrene

Available in various sizes, with the possibility of printing the customer's firm on the lid. Provides excellent insulation and are ideal for transferring ice cream especially over long distances in summer.

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