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paper cups

The paper cups have the particular advantage over the competing disposable cups, the very high printing quality on their surface. Indeed, unlike Styrofoam and / or plastic (PET or PP) the printings normally have a fully coverage of the surface of the glass (placard printing). On the other hand, however, if we leave aside the high cost of the double layer or ripple, do not offer much protection in hot drinks and “insulation” in cold drinks.

In PREPAC S.A. we divide paper cups into two general categories:


Available in sizes of 8, 12 and 16 oz. The cups 8oz and 12oz have a diameter of 80mm and 16oz a diameter of 90mm. The lids that are mostly used are those with the cross, but may be used the dummy also (lid with hole). For the cups of 8oz and 12oz we provide a PET circular lid.

These own the largest part of the Greek market, though in recent years there is a tendency for their replacement by paper cups or high quality transparent plastic cups.

Their main characteristics are the following:

They are printed up to four (4) colors.
Minimum quantity for printing with the client firm: 70,000 pieces
It is compatible with the whole series of lids produced in MAKPAK SA
We have several basic designs of general use


Available in sizes 4, 8, 12 and 16oz. The cups of 8oz and 12oz have a diameter of 80mm and the 16oz a diameter of 90mm. For the 4oz cup we only have an imported lid.

In this category things are becoming a little more complicated. As technology until now, as it was mentioned above, did not offer competitive insulation, the large paper cup manufacturers worldwide have invested in designing paper cups that serve this purpose.

Therefore, PREPAC S.A., we offer four (4) different types of paper cups for hot drinks:

2a) Paper cups of normal quality
This is the most economical solution for paper cups in this category. The minimum amount for printing is 50,000 pieces.

2b) Paper cups of high-quality from the English firm SOLO
The essential features of this category are:

  • The cups do not smell with the hot drinks
  • Produced by high quality and high-strength paper
  • Conditions of production in an almost sterile environment
  • Special printing inks suitable for food
  • Excellent print quality with attention to details

For these reasons outweigh in quality compared to other paper cups in the market. For these reasons, companies such as Starbucks, McDonalds, Cafe-Nero, Prêt-a-Manger, Segafredo, Costa Coffee etc. have chosen this quality.

2c) Paper cups with a double wall
Essentially it is just two cups of “cold drink” joined with a corrugated layer, which thus allowing the consumer to touch the cup and not be burned, or at least to retain significantly the heat transfer from the cup to the hand. The printing quantity in this category is also 50,000 pieces.

2d) “Ripple” paper cup
The ripple paper cups except the good insulation and protection of consumers, offer a different texture to the product, creating many times more attractive feel to the user. The minimum printing quantity with the firm of the customer is 25,000 pieces.

For a detailed list of products click HERE

For all paper cups for hot drinks we suggest the lid with hole (white or black), produced by MAKPAK SA.




For more information, please contact us.

Ние сме сериозно заинтересовани да установим търговски отношения с български фирми.

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