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опаковъчни машини
food packaging
опаковане на зеленчуци/плодове
консумативи за ХОРЕКА индустрията
disposable cups
lids for disposable cups
microwavable food containers
luxury dinnerware
transparent packaging containers
perforated bread bags
plastic cutlery
cup carriers
refreshment wipes
drinking straws
wooden biodegradable products
CPET trays
ice cream packaging
Various consumables
cling film and aluminium foil
pipping bags
защитно облекло

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wooden biodegradable products

We present you the most complete range of disposable packaging products and tableware from natural materials for the food industry, catering and pastry sector, for cooking, decoration / presentation, warm up and take-away.

Download the official product list (prospectus) by clicking HERE

The product groups we provide are the following:

Utensils for food in package - Serving trays



Dishes for starters - Decoratives


Forms and cooking and baking trays


plates - trays - gondolas

To view a detailed product list in excel form, click HERE

The range of these special products has the following characteristics:

• Produced from sustainable and renewable sources
• They have an impressive appearance, are functional and easy to use
• They can be used in a microwave
• They are resistant to oils and don’t drip.
• The materials used to produce them comply with Article EN13432

Various types of wood from around the world, such as birch, poplar, pine, bamboo and palm, are joined in this sophisticated product line.

Our product line has elements from the Japanese refinement, the physical rigor of Scandinavia, the beauty of Thailand, the exotic beauty of Africa, the strength of bamboo in Asia and the rigidity of the amazing tropical palm leaf.

Ние сме сериозно заинтересовани да установим търговски отношения с български фирми.

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