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automatic L sealers with continuous side seal

PREPAC S.A. is the exclusive representative of the German firm BVM, a pioneer in manufacturing automatic shrinkage machines specializing in shrinkage machinery with continuous side adhesion.




Technical characteristics

• Maximum width of adhesion: 500 mm with steady knife
• Maximum length of adhesion: unlimited (continuous adhesion)
• Maximum height: 220 mm
• Maximum width of packaging material: folded 650/650 mm
• Maximum external diameter of the film: 400 mm
• Power supply: 380 V - 50 Hz
• Electric power: 4 kW
• Air requirement: 6 bar constant pressure
• Height of working space: 900 mm


• Construction of steel body machine
• Transportation straps with continuous input and output with adjustable speed
• Adjustable speed of the vertical knife
• Adjustable adhesion in the middle of the packaging packet
• System of two pairs of photocells for the recognition of the packet from the side or from the top
• Continuous adhesion along with heated resistance
• Adhesion across by a special knife without using resistors or adhesion wire and teflon
• All the adjustments of height, width and length of the final packaging are made automatically by pushing the button (mechanical method)
• Mechanical system for the perforation of the packaging material
• All parameter changes are controlled by PLC type SIEMENS
• System for the feeding strap to approach the forwarding strap of the product at the shrinkage oven (for products with length <9 mm)
• Touch control panel through which all the changes of the parameters are made
• Ability to store all parameters in a file (up to 100 files).
• Vertical photocell in a curtain form to protect the vertical knife (if there is any product under the bar the cycle does not start)   


Technical characteristics

• Maximum effective width of the oven: 450 mm
• Maximum effective height of the oven: 300 mm
• Length of the oven: 2300 mm
• Power supply: 380 V 50 Hz
• Electric power: 16.8 kW
• Rotating transfer rollers with diameter 16 mm and distance 25 mm


• 10 year warranty against rust
• Transfer strap with adjustable speed
• Air circulation at all the sides of the oven, adjustable externally
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Ние сме сериозно заинтересовани да установим търговски отношения с български фирми.

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