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strapping machines


 PREPAC SA pioneered at the supply of strapping systems.


Nowadays, three major application systems for strapping have prevailed:


A) Manual strapping

It is the simplest and most economic solution for strapping applications.


A plastic strap is used with 12 mm width, 0,50-0,80 mm thickness and metal staples for sealing. The stretching is achieved easily through the ratchet by the operator, and sealing is also applied easily by 2 levers, giving a corrugated shape to the connector.


Reliable machine, made in Italy, for hoop applications, even where there is no "electricity".


B) Table strapping machines.


B1) a common table strapping machine.



For the machine’s technical specifications, click HERE




B2) Table strapping machine with a bridge


By the Spanish firm Reisopack



For technical specifications for the machine, click HERE




C) Automatic strapping machines


By the Spanish firm Reisopack



In this category we represent the machinery by the Spanish firm Reisopack.


D) Consumables


PREPAC S.A, has a great range of strap widths and thicknesses for each type of hoop system that the client needs.





Description   Color

Internal diameter

Polypropylene strap 9X0, 55mm blue 200 / 280
Polypropylene strap 12X0, 55mm blue 200 / 280
Polypropylene strap 12X0, 63mm blue

200 / 400

Polypropylene strap 12X0, 70mm gray / black 200 / 400
Polypropylene strap 12X0, 80mm black 200 / 400
Polypropylene strap 12X0, 90mm black 200 / 400


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