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опаковъчни машини
food packaging
опаковане на зеленчуци/плодове
post harvest protection
chemicals for packaging and preservation
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weighing and packaging
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консумативи за ХОРЕКА индустрията
защитно облекло

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net clipping machines

  With the possibility for placing ribbon and / or a wine-glass label.

• Automatic                                                           CM-9 CA9_2.jpg



                                                                       XARPA-31 xarpa.gif

• Semi-automatic                                                      GH20


The most Reliable and economical solution for mini packages.

Seamer (clipper) for packing fruits and vegetables in a Net with the possibility to paste a label (wine-glass).
No pedals. They are supplied either manually or by measuring lift, or with an automatic weighing scale.

Uses wire in rolls – as in Automatic Machines of this kind - for safe sealing (without slipping of the net or minor injuries such as those with staples) and economy.
The final product is packaged in GH-20, and visually is not different from the one that is wrapped by the super-automatic which is of course an expensive machine.

GH-20 is also used for grouping products in extruded nets for special offers (such as frozen fish, croissant, chips, toys, etc.)

Technical characteristics

Productivity: 10 to 20 packages per minute
Electrical Power: (380V) 0.1 KW / h
Machine Weight: 80 kg
Machine Dimensions (mm): 770 X 820 X 980 CC

Ние сме сериозно заинтересовани да установим търговски отношения с български фирми.

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