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опаковъчни машини
food packaging
опаковане на зеленчуци/плодове
post harvest protection
chemicals for packaging and preservation
sorting and electronic calibrators
weighing and packaging
materials for net packaging
printing and labelling systems
Various packaging materials
carton box erection and pallet packaging
Instruments for fruit quality control and environmental analysis
консумативи за ХОРЕКА индустрията
защитно облекло

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post harvest protection


PREPAC S.A.is a pioneer in the industry of protection and packaging of fruits and vegetables, specializing in the field of post-harvest protection, offering a significant range of solutions for all possible applications.

The main product categories are the following:
Application systems for fungicides and disinfectants
Application systems for fruit coating waxes
Systems degreening / rapid maturation and preservation

Ние сме сериозно заинтересовани да установим търговски отношения с български фирми.

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 Sub Categories
Application of Fungicides and Disinfectants
Application of Fruit Coating Waxes
Degreening / Rapid Maturation and Preservation
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